One Of Those Days - a poem.
One Of Those Days - a poem.  stories
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One Of Those Days - a poem.

by ashleyciera

it is one of those days the days when i feel my word dissolving beneath my fingers when my soul is too sad to muster up a dream so my nights are empty

one of those days, when even the sun isn't quite as bright i don't envision myself dancing among the flower gardens i feel i've packed away my hopes and happiness

locked away in a suitcase and i am desperate i yank, i tug, i stomp, i scream i set fire to this case to bring back to me the hope i once had and the smiles i wore

i damage the hope in attempt to bring it back my desperate actions have such negative effect i find myself wondering if i'll ever get it back at all my determination finds itself in the case.

so i run far to where the meadows sing to me i sing and i dance for that is what i have left in me i feel the sun rising in my chest and a key is in my front pocket

i unlock the case and bring back myself i remember how i kicked, and oh how i cried to bring back something that was surely mine and all i had to do? was help myself.

Quick note -

Thank you all for the endless support and love. I can't express enough my love for this community and my gratitude for those who support me on my journey as an author. Have an amazing day. ❤️

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