Ode to Sleepless Nights
Ode to Sleepless Nights stories

ashleycierainstagram: @etherallibra
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Ode to Sleepless Nights

by ashleyciera

No, there is nothing to romanticize about waking up at 3 am every night, out of fright because of the pictures behind my eyes.

it is not a beautiful thing to cry and cry because you're tired but too scared to sleep

i should be havin nothing short of an adventure a closed eye escapade running and shouting and feeling invincible

i needed to sleep i could not keep pleading with the night sky to take the nightmares away

give me one night with no fear in sight dear stars, it's getting old

i'd even take 8 straight hours of staring at my eyelids a dream of nothing over a nightmare

so, as I have stayed so painfully true there's nothing pretty about craving peace of mind peace at night.

dear sleepless nights, go away.

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