Night - a poem.
Night - a poem.  stories
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ashleycierainstagram: @etherallibra
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Nighttime thoughts.

Night - a poem.

by ashleyciera

i feel a sort of knocking, like a woodpecker on my head a knocking that turns my thoughts to dust and fills my heart with dread

i sit still when i lay in the dark, and let my soul unwind i begin to open my brain at once and release my buzzing mind

a tapping so soft and quiet so it's seems it's hardly there, the darkness is bothering me to speak aloud the thoughts i don't wish to share

i surely cannot speak my words for theyre tangled in my thoughts so i'll sit right here and dream of the stars, am i sane? im surely not.

i still can't seem to wander at night even when i feel my best my soul is insane and adventurous, but my body just wishes to rest.

so i sit right here and i think and think, oh how i love to fantasize yes, i sit right here and relax a bit, and have an adventure behind my eyes.

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