Messy Haired Boy
Messy Haired Boy stories

ashleycierainstagram: @etherallibra
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To the boy who has my heart and gave his love to me, you promise you'll be with me soon so ill wait patiently.

Messy Haired Boy

by ashleyciera

i'd like to wake up to the sight of you light shining through the blinds so i could run my hand through your mess of hair and kiss your deep closed eyes

i want to hold your hand so close and press it to my chest so you could feel my blood rush around feel my love that never rests

i'm so caught up with the thought of you afraid to turn out broken that nothing you could say to me would say the words not spoken

i can't have you, for she does now and that won't change tomorrow so here i'll lay in bed alone and drown myself in sorrow

your deep brown eyes make me so sad for they do not look to me with all the love you look to her with yours- i just want to be.

so my love please kiss my light pink lips and tell me how you feel for while my love will last an eternity i still want us to be real.

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