Makaila, makaila. - a poem.
Makaila, makaila. - a poem.  stories
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ashleycierainstagram: @etherallibra
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A poem about my past best friend meant to spread some love. :-)

Makaila, makaila. - a poem.

by ashleyciera

my best friend, my true being as lovely as a butterfly flying through a world so dim with a smile as bright as stars.

a fish in a free pond, swimming through the sea her breaths as pure as water her heart as good as gold

she was a cloud dancer young and living in the current taken too soon from a planet so small she now runs around in space.

makaila, makaila, you taught me how to fly. then you cut my wings up when you left and left me alone on earth

here i am, breathing and awake dreaming of a meadow i've taught myself how to fly again and you fly above me too.


October 11th, 2000 - October 10th, 2015

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