I hope you can forgive me. - a poem
I hope you can forgive me. - a poem stories

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A poem about the fear of love.

I hope you can forgive me. - a poem

by ashleyciera

I hope you can forgive me for i can't seem to fall in love. and that's what seems to be raking everyone's minds. love, love, falling in love

such a concept that is, the mere thought of a beautiful beginning and hopeful forever that sends me shaking and turning away. grey eyes, dark brown, your eyes are all the same to me

I can't seem to find the blue in the grey the green the brown i can't seem to stay in love with anyones eyes

I long desperately for the days i wasn't uncertain i had hope, hope in my heart. i felt i could never be apart from another whom i've grown to love can i have someone like that again?

who are they? where are they? I can't seem to find them.

so i hope you can forgive me, and you're able to understand, that my heart is a wreck. my feelings are insane and uncontrollable. forgive me,

forgive me, for i am a broken puzzle, with pieces missing everywhere you can't solve me, fix me, don't waste your time.

I know there was a time when I was different, when my thoughts were clogged up with you, filled with the possibilities of a future, things were different. things were incredible

i had so much hope, such a big heart such great expectations for something i knew couldn't last, for it was too perfect.

we tried. i tried with you, i tried with many others. it never worked. it never works. how is it my parents fell in love? my best friend?

what is it with me that can't seem to do what comes easy to others? am i broken? is something wrong with me, i can't maintain one of the fewest joys of life, the chance to love someone?

they say i haven't found the right person yet. when will that be? is there a right person? is there somebody out there as desperately confused and aching for a sliver of love and hope as i am?

what am i waiting for, i always think. do something about yourself. stop thinking, and stop shutting yourself out.

but if it was that easy, i'd be happy. i wouldn't worry about heart breaks or pain, for i would be in deep in love.

Note: this was written by me during a period of confusion and bitterness, I am past that now and onto a better chapter in my life. :)

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