Depression- a poem.
Depression- a poem.  poetryslam stories

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The only thing stopping you from happiness is yourself. Hold on, you can get past this.

Depression- a poem.

by ashleyciera

he told me my eyes shine brighter than the stars outside but did he notice the dark circles under my eyes?

he made me laugh and he hugged me squeezing the dripping pain out of me like the tears that I shed at night

my mother didn't see the light in my eyes anymore she held me calmly and asked me if I was all right I returned with a smile and nod as usual I never sought help so I continued to suffer

my breathing was unsteady and my energy levels dropped, I was not OK but there was not an end in sight.

I fought my depression and I tried to hold its hand, perhaps to lead away from my mind for a little while so that I could get back to my old self.

The world hates me, I thought. But the only thing truly against me was my mind.

so I held on, and I hoped for a brighter tomorrow. I thought my sadness with my bare hands, and with that I was able to bring it to an end.

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