Balloon- a poem.
Balloon- a poem.  poetryslam stories
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ashleycierainstagram- stinkylibra
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i am a balloon, endlessly weighed down with a stone.

Balloon- a poem.

by ashleyciera

i am a balloon i have a small rock tied at the bottom of my string while it seems that everyone else just flies freely

i drift around, i move when the wind pushes me i am at the bottom while everyone else soars they look so free, so alive i am happy for them

i get thrilled when a breeze picks me up few seconds of freedom from my rock that keeps me on the ground until the weight pulls me back down

a continuous cycle, it seems. i begin to lift up for moments, but that never lasts. this rock is the barrier to my happiness

wish to soar with the other balloons to cut off this rock so that i can fly i want nothing more to be where they are they are much happier than i am.

the rock only grows the more i struggle soon it is a boulder i cannot move at all i've sunk too far deep

perhaps i'll just pop before i lose the rock i won't have to be alone on the ground longer i'll deflate until i'm nothing then the rock won't even matter.

i am a balloon trapped, alone, exhausted my rock is my only companion i want nothing more than to fly.

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Beautiful metaphor!