A promise. - a poem

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a boy destroyed me. but another boy has turned that around.

A promise. - a poem

by ashleyciera

i made a promise to myself after you broke me. i stared myself in the mirror and i said don't ever do that again. don't let someone hurt you again.

i stared into my brown eyes bloodshot with tears, pain weighed down with my broken heart i saw the hurt across my face i felt the hole in my chest.

you see, i swore that i was unlovable. the humans around me were dangerous "i love you." someone would say. are you crazy? i'd think. why let yourself be vulnerable? doesn't love destroy you?

in walked the boy with the hazel eyes. entered my life with a small smile and messy hair i stared, i wondered about you but looked away.

i sat down with you, with another friend of mine confidence, perhaps adrenaline my heart was pounding, my voice was shaky i introduced and exposed the deepest parts of my heart

and you did the same. you showed me a you only i could see, my heart always pounded when i saw your name when i approached you

but what was happening? why did this affect me so much, what have you done to me?

i made a promise to myself. but with you... i'm not sure how long that promise will last.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
a year agoReply
I admire your poetry. You are able to take us on an emotional rollercoaster ride. The tedious struggle to the apex is always rewarded by the excitation of plunging down into love again. I loved it. Never give up on love?

erofaerSilver CommaHow can I be impressive in one sentence?
a year agoReply
It's alright to love :) Beautiful poem.

dracoBronze Commawelcome to my profile
a year agoReply
aww. this really moved me!