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ashleycierainstagram: @etherallibra
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A New Color

by ashleyciera

please excuse me, but i have decided to invent a new color. something obnoxiously unsure of itself

as a whole, i'd like it to be bits and pieces of anything and everything. i hope it isn't too much to ask

and i wish for you to like the thought as most would remind me that every color that ever was or ever will be, already is.

but is that true? i'd love to remind you that to me, our colors are nothing more than a representation of the things

we cannot see. what you feel. not every emotion we face on the daily have been addressed

so there surely has to be more colors. agreed? maybe someone sitting on a bench at 2 in the morning with cold hands will see the color and not feel so lonely anymore.

maybe someone will wear it on their lips and kiss the things they love leave it all over.

the point is, there's more to the eye than we choose to admit so stop sulking and invent a color.

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