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ashleyashe às̩e̩ / ashe: so it is. | i am that i am
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I wrote this earlier this year when i was having a hard time mentally just as a reminder to keep pushing... i added parts 13-16 recently just to share my testimony in that God is with you in every situation even when you think you’ve been forgotten... Hes here, Hes listening, and He’ll always pull you through 💜


I am a seed.

Call me Sunflower I can bloom even on an icy winters day... I guess you could say I’m planted different

I am a seed

My petals are soft & sunkissed I feel like luxury I am beauty, call me Rose I bring joy with just my presence I am powerful.

I am a seed.

Glowing yet still growing... Still learning to love my roots and my soul... i mean soil I’m looking inside myself And I am not perfect.

I am a seed

My stem still sprouts even though it’s been desiccated by the acute conditions of life. Anxiety swept a fire through my heart scorching my very being As her sister; Depression iced out my joy and froze my spirit I forgot how to grow.

But I’ve learned even flowers must weather the weather. And that they never really die...

They just grow back differently

So I am still a seed.

Replanted in faith Showered with grace & lit with a light of everlasting love💚. God’s an amazing gardener💜

From the words of Matthew 15:13 “Anything planted by him can’t be uprooted” So I am an ash. I know anything he touches is divine and his grip on me is tight

I am a vessel I am cared for I am tended to I am loved I am just getting started

And I am still a seed.

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