Echoes From the Shore
Echoes From the Shore poetry stories

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Inspired by Haruki Murakami’s Kafka on The Shore.

Echoes From the Shore

I seldom picture myself at the shore

As a form of rehabilitation of my sanity,

But what good is a thought when you are unable to stitch it to reality?

No matter how hard I try to submerge my soul to that plane of clandestine paradise,

I will never get there.

My own peace,

My own renewal,

My rebirth,

My sanity,

I won't find them at the shore

But at the midst of the ocean

The depths where I am borne

In the darkness of depression

In the symphony of anxiety

In the melody of fear

My truest friends appear

I did not know that emptiness itself

or even silence could be a loud noise too.

The rest that I quest for

Is in the darkness beyond the shore

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