the symphony in my head.
the symphony in my head. music stories

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my mind is booming.

the symphony in my head.

the drums pounding away every second that they have a chance.

the violin quietly in the background.

the cymbals clashing and clanging.

the sound of my heart vibrating the entire empty space i call my head.

the blood pumping through my veins.

the sounds of my eyelashes clashing together whenever i blink.

the sound of my footsteps in the long empty hallways of my mind.

the grinding of my teeth together shattering my ears.

the pencils on paper gliding across like skaters on ice.

my mind reverberating and booming in odd harmony.

all the sounds echoing in my mind louder than they are outside.

i cant remember the last time i didn't have a headache.

with only you

as my audience,

i ask that you enjoy the presentation.

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