No Matter What
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No matter how much harm you cause to the world, I will never leave you.

Based off of an Aphmau Roleplay.
(This is different. Asha’s crazy ex boyfriend took over her mind and had her kill everyone. Xaro is pronounced dead for now. Difference: The characters are different by a lot. Xaro’s eyes change color. He’s not a werewolf, but he can’t die. Asha has a similarity to Aphmau, especially since that’s who she originated from. I changed many details about her, and she is a lunatic, but isn’t. She is misunderstood, she was born without a heart. Xaro was to marry her. They loved each other a lot, don’t get me wrong, but Asha’s abusive ex wanted her back, so he gained her trust again and then took over her mind and she killed almost all of her friends except for Captain Levi (from Attack On Titan.)

I throw in some characters from other animes for fun.

No Matter What

Xaro: “No matter how much you hurt me...

No matter how much you say you hate me...

No matter how much you stab me with your painful words...

I will always care about you.

I will never hate you...

I will always love you.”

Asha: *normal* X-Xaro-

~~She has already stabbed him~~

Asha: N-No Xaro: *he falls to the ground, dead*

Asha: Xaro-

His last words... Xaro: I will always love you.

Asha: *screams* XAROOOOO!

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