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Just read it. It's pretttttyyyy gooooodddddd


Should Only Happen in Movies

by Ashanti Plumley Have fun reading! Love you!!

“You damn women, I promised you I’d kill you when you pulled that shit again. How dare you try to run and call the cops. I own you.

” I listen to my mom whimper and cry as the fear of getting beat comes into her mind…again.

I cradle my little brother while he cries and prays for mommy to be okay, only 6 and he already knows what fear is.

My name is Elizabeth Meadows, I’m a 17-year-old girl… who doesn’t even feel safe in her own house. The man who is screaming is my 4th step-dad and hopefully the last. “James, don’t do this….

Please, don’t do this,” I hear a loud smack and my mother screams. Alex, my little brother, cringes… and I hold on tighter, I glance over at the bat that’s bracing next to me.

I could hurt him if I wanted, I really could. “You are done for…you hear me,” one hit, two hit, one kick, two kick.

It’s a pattern, my mother’s voice starts to become horse from all of her screams. “mommy, mommy.” Alex whimpers… over and over. “It’s okay Alex, we’ll be okay.

” “You know I thought you’d be a lot smarter than this Lilian, but to my surprise…you’re not.” “James, put that down, get away from me with that damn thing.

” No, no no no… oh god, “hey Alex, sweetie, just go in the closet and cover your ears for me…okay?” Alex nods and gets up, heading to the closet.

Breath just breath, I tell myself, I grab the bat and grasp it until my knuckles turn white, I unlock the door and everything ends, the sound of a gun goes off,

behind me in the room Alex screams, and ahead of me I hear a body hit the wooden floor as if it was a hollow log.

Tears stream down my face as I sprint down the hall, “mommy, mommy, look I’m doing it” pedaling faster and laughing I hear my mom cheer me on. “You’re doing great Elizabeth, keep it going.” Mom.

The flashback leaves my mind and in front of me James crouches over my mother’s lifeless body with his hand turning her face back and forth.

Anger boils up inside like a hot furnace, I march towards him and with everything I have left in my emotional body, I swing.

His body falls with a loud thud, loud enough to shake the pictures on the wall. A breath that I didn’t even know I was holding is let out, the bat drops and I look at my mom.

“Mom, momma,” I kneel there by her body and cry, I cry the ugliest and loudest cry known to man.

“Why god,” I say as I look at the roof, “ Why, why my mom, she didn’t deserve this, you’re a fraud you hear me, a damn fraud.

” Police sirens blare, but I barely hear it, I turn and… my eyes meet my little brother standing in the hallway looking lifeless, I turn away from him and keep my eyes on my mom.

No sounds escape him, only tears stream down his face. “Alex, go unlock the door for me,” I look up and alex has already started down the hall towards the front door.

I wipe my straw tears and stand up and rest a pillow under my moms head.

“Hey, son, you here alone,” the Detective looks up from my brother and meets my eye, he pats my brother on the shoulder and a woman comes up to him and takes him outside.

“Hi, I’m Detective Stevens-,” “My mom is laying on the floor in the master bedroom...dead, my step, is laying beside her, dead as well, I killed him.

” I walk out of the house and look at all of the ambulances, homicide vans, and police cars.

“Hi, i’m Detective walker, i’d like to take you and your younger brother to the station,” he looks at my lifeless expression and continues, “Just to ask you two questions,

we’re just here to help you out, that’s it…” “Okay, that’s fine.

” He nods and turns to talk to his little detective buddies, “right this way ma’am,” “Elizabeth”, he looks as dumbfounded as Harry Dunne from Dumb and Dumber, “My name, it’s Elizabeth,” “oh,

oh yes, okay…right this way Elizabeth.” I go in to the all black car and watch as the left side door opens up and Alex sits down. “Alex...

Everything is going to be okay, you hear me, nothing is going to break you or me,” I squeeze his hand and try to catch his eye, when he finally looks at me it’s like he doesn’t know who I am.

“That’s what you said before mommy is dead, she’s gone,” he let’s go of my grasp and turns away from me.

My stomach churns and my head begins to pound, I did say that and now he doesn’t have a mom. Maybe if I would've went into the room earlier or just interrupted...maybe...

just maybe mom wouldn’t be dead.

“How long has it been happening,” still looking down at my hands I answer, “Long enough for my mom to be dead,” “Okay, were you ever, abused or physically touched by this man,

” “What do you think,” I look up at the two detectives as if their dumb, “You people ask the dumbest questions, you know

your telling me that you didn’t think that a man like that would abuse me, and you obviously think that this...this...violence has just started.

You’ve got to be kidding me, you people already know the answers to the questions you ask. Geez, you must really like to see people hurt and go through those horrible moments again and again.

You people disgust me.” I stand up and open the door and begin searching for my little brother, in the child section.

I spot him sitting with the Detective we first saw at the house, “Detective, I would like to leave… now.” “Okay, that’s fine, but first i’d like to discuss something with you.

” Detective Stevens stands up from the mini chair and heads towards me.

“Do you have any family, that you could possibly go to?” “My aunt lives in Newburgh New York, I could live with her, but my little brother can’t...she’s...

crazy, my other aunt lives in London...he...he can live with her.” “Okay, good everything will be paid for, give us a couple of days and you will be out of here. I promise.

” I look at my little brother and a tear falls down my face, “Will, he be okay?” I ask turning back to the detective, “He’ll be fine elizabeth, everything will be fine.

” Sure, everything will be fine.

“Okay ma’am here’s your boarding pass and it has everything you need on it,” the over happily lady with the high pitched voice smiles a practiced smile at me, my first urge,

give her the bird, ‘fake smiles only make enemies’ my mom used to say. Mom.

“Thanks,” turning around I dodge people and avoid little kids, digging through my carry bag I find my headphones and put ‘Santa Monica Dream’ by Angus and Julia Stone on repeat.

‘“Life isn’t easy you know, it’s going to get hard if you like it or not….

But the thing is, you just have to live through it, and it’s the people who do who are the ones to become successful,

” she looks down at me and smiles that half smile that i’ve been trying to perfect for a couple of months now, “but, I believe… your going to be great Elizabeth.

” “Everyone in boarding group A please start heading towards the gate.” I stand up and shake off the sleep that still resides on my body, people everywhere, kids screaming and laughing….

and me….i’m just here, I walk on to the plane after letting the lady with an attitude check my boarding pass. Sulking down in my seat, I take a breath and try to relax.

Then it starts, the maybes… maybe if I would’ve entered that room quicker, maybe if I helped my mom instead of hiding, maybe- “Hey, uhh, i need to pass,

” I look up and see a guy maybe about my age with dark hair and acorn brown eyes that are speckled with a hint of green and hazel, he’s tall...

enough, his skin is light, his figure is athletic..kind of.

“Oh, sorry,” I try and scoot in a little more and my mouth starts running, “But, you know… an excuse me or pardon me works, just fine,” I don’t even bother looking up at him,

cause I can already feel his eyes burning into the back of my head, “Your right. I’m sorry.

” I look up at him this time and see nothing but pain and guilt in his eyes… i know how you feel, “So...can I get your name,” I tilt my head and look at him in some sort of way, “I mean, we are g

oing to be sitting next to each other for...let’s see…. an hour and 21… your name would be great to know,” “My name’s Elizabeth,” He nods and holds out his hand, “Theodore.” I lay ba

ck in my seat and put my headphones back in and try to see my mom’s face without being a ghostly white. “Let go of me richard, get your damn hands off of me,” mommy, he’s hurting mommy. I stand u

p and stomp towards mommy’s room like a train going full steam ahead. I enter the room and at the top of my lungs...scream bloody murder, “You don’t touch my mommy, i’m calling the police.” I tur

n around to walk away and I feel a sharp pain shoot through my skull as i’m struck in the back of my head, “No, richard, don’t hurt my baby...please, I am begging you, please-” “Shut up dammit,”

another hit, in the stomach. Tears flow down my face and my screams fill the room, mommy is beating on Mr.Richard’s back while he continues to hurt me. The last strike and it’s to my head, everyt

hing rings, it hurts, it hurts so bad.’ Did you like it??? There will be a part 2...maybe.

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