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my love a sweet lick to the tongue draped


my love

a sweet lick to the tongue draped

in the sap of a wisteria tree

wistful whims blowing their whistles of wind through woeful branches

the soft liquid sound of a W

of a win

of a wonderful whimsical wild letter

that mimics the shape of a wave as it kisses the currents of gravity above it

so steadfast and loyal in its love for the sky

my love

if you were a hurricane and i were a cloud

i would still latch onto you

no matter how quick and sharp your movements are

i would follow you

even if you are difficult to follow

trail you with the rain of a thousand wet nights

my love

if you were the same W waves in the sea

and i were not the loving gravity

but the hidden sand beneath your chin i would still ground myself to your beat

and hoist you above my shoulders

carrying you a little higher

so you could sing to the grace of gravity

that has your heart

my love

if you were the dirt

so rich and whipped with the passion for life

and i were not the dancing wisteria trees sprouting from your hearth

overspilling in sweet sap from your earthy hand, blooming each time the soil of your thoughts plants a seed

if i were not the roots of this love tree

spreading my fingers across your skin

pressing my palms and feet onto your being

digging myself into you to turn this rent of a place in your heart into a permanent home

if you were the dirt and i were not the tree

i would be the earth worms swimming through your belly

kissing butterflies into your stomach every time a leaf from your lover

drops onto your surface

i would trade my nutrients for your health

feed you until you are strong enough to cover the entirety of land and support the plants too

i would risk letting the sun's dry rays drink up my small body if it meant giving light to you

and giving sugar to her

my love

if you were the world

and i were not the ever expanding universe that has the privilege to wrap you in its arms

to hold you in place

to watch you spin in an ethereal existence

as hues of green and blue

spot your heavenly dance

if you were the world and

i were not the universe

i would be everything else

i would be every single molecule

that doesn't exist

loving you from afar in the ether of uncertainty

where the soul goes after the soul has no where to go the place that has no confirmation of existence

i would dissolve every asteroid that would dare to even steal a glance at you

i would convince the sun to stay alive as long as possible to keep you warm

even if i was the nothing

i would do everything i could

to mean something to you

my love

full of raw humanity and emotion

more captivating than the waves or wind

than the hurricanes or clouds

the earth or trees

the planet or universe

i will love you

in any form we may take

but how grateful i am for this life

to be existing in a position

where i am your lover

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