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Fear is optional, its a figment its free, it was created like everything around us, to stop us from being free. Fear keeps us quiet, fear keeps us in line, fear keeps us zombified, its about time we caused a riot.

We don't all realise we're scared, to most of us its normal, we all need our minds repaired, we need to stop acting so fake and formal. Those of us conspiring, we're all deemed as crazy, they tell us we are theorising, its all hazy daisy.

Evolution by natural selection thats another theory, maybe if we just opened our eyes we'd all be somewhat weary. Question everything you hear, question everything you know, the truth is really near, first you must let go.

Let go of life as you know it, its all been one big lie, brainwashed and programmed unwillingly, they send signals from the sky. Brainwashed and programmed by media of every single kind, all these things are seen as normal which is why we are all so blind.

Scaring us enough to conform, thats thousands of years hard labour, moments is all it would take to reform, just remember the method was fear spread by thy neighbour. A. D 24.02.19

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