Suna x reader part 4!!!
Suna x reader part 4!!! haikyuu stories

ash_kozume do you ever look at life and think: wHy?
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eeek! okie done with part four lol!

Suna x reader part 4!!!

(author pov)

"uh practice?" "yeah! Why don't you come watch our practice cutie?" "...please refrain from calling me that..." you try not to be rude. ". . ." he pauses a bit surprised. "Tsumu your gonna scare her away." osamu teases.

"shutup!" "pfft-" suna takes out his phone. "no your just mad im telling the truth" osamu keeps teasing. "no! you ugly idiot!" tsumu yells. "we're twins dumbass!!" osamu yells back.

You've always hated yelling because it attracts un-needed attention. "you two have 3 seconds to shut up." you sternly say while glaring at them your entire aura changing, and to your surprise they stopped almost immediately. "wow you stopped the twins from fighting wait till kita hears about this." suna says looking at the twins.

"i j-just dont l-like the un-needed attention..." "also what's so different about m from any other girl here? From what I notice you seem to have fan girls lining up to hang out with you." You glance at the girls that were giving you dirty looks throughout lunch.

"exactly" suna cuts in. "what do you mean exactly?" you question. "they only wanna hang out so they can make a move or something" osamu answers. "yeah and you're the first girl we met who didn't start crushing and listening to everything we said." Tsumu adds.

"and the boys are almost as dumb as those two, and blame us for 'stealing all the girls'-" suna annoyingly says while pointing to the twins. "and what makes you think im not secretly crushing on one one you?" you raise an eyebrow.

"well you could be, but it shows in the way that you talk to us that your different, also were gonna be late." Suna says emotionless. "oh..." is all you can say. "also i want to show kita how you can control these dumb twins" he adds. "uh...sure I'll come watch you guys practice ig..."

"YES!" tsumu hugs you then runs off to class "byeeeeeeeee" he yells in the distance. You look at suna and osamu surprised at the sudden contact and they just shrug like it was normal and start walking to class and which you follow.

On your way to class you can hear whispers from girls and feel their eyes on you three. "who does she think she is walking with MY samu?" "she probably just wants them in her pants." "ew she is too close to my suna" "ugh she is def a slut"

You hate the attention and you feel yourself about to panic, you slow down and start breathing heavy when you feel a warm and comforting hand on your shoulder. You look up with your eyes glossed from tears the haven't yet fallen, "just ignore them, ok?" suna says worryingly "i-im t-trying" you stutter out.

"Its ok just pretend your all alone" and you just nod to this trying not to cry in front of people. You guys continue to class before the final tardy bell goes off and you continue to hear comments but somehow suna's touch and words calmed you.

'did he touch her?!' is the only thing you make out of the whispers the rest are just mumbles and it was like that the rest of the way to class. 'maybe it wont be so bad hanging out with them...' is all you think.

A/N: Thats all for rn...i may post part five stuck up in alot of work. Sorry! n e ways i hope you enjoyed buh bye love's. -ash<3

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