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“I belong to this land just like you do”


I was born on this land,

but never welcomed.

My brown skin, and black hair an abnormality.

An innocent child, so full of life and courage.

Turned into a scared little mouse.

Bullied by the ones that were supposed to be adults, slashed by their words.

Every word slung at her with such malice and anger, eyes almost looking demonic.

“You are not one of us”,

“You are not one of us”, “You do not belong here”

“You are not one of us”, “You do not belong here” “You can never become one of us.”

“Go back to the land you came from”

“You will never be anything else than a failure, you should just drop out of school”.

“You smell different, my mommy told me it’s because you are not from here”

Every time she would walk into a room, someone would blurt out, “Eww, why does it suddenly smell like shit?”

Everyday she was humiliated for something she had no say in.

She did not choose to be born on this land,

why did she have to pay for it? How she wished she could just die.

The cold steel with the power to end the pain. Her wrist pulsating with life, and the blade a stark contrast against her soft skin, legs trembling and tears running down her face,

A voice screaming for her to stop,

A voice screaming for her to stop, “This is exactly what they want from you!”

Anger bobbling in her body, the sound of the knife clattering on the floor, and determination spreading through her.

Cheeks burning and fire in her eyes, every word laced with confidence and determination,

“You are not going to stop me from living my life, you can say what you want, but I’m never gonna let you win. I have just as much right to be here on this land as you have!”

And the scared little mouse finally turned into a lion.

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