where did you lose your smile, Eleanor?
where did you lose your smile, Eleanor? smile stories

asesari help the earth
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Eleanor is her, him or maybe you but Eleanor is not bad, Eleanor is just lost.

where did you lose your smile, Eleanor?

yesterday, i saw you at the park we met once, Eleanor

you were sad, your head was down, and your tears were falling down

you will have gone by midnight, Eleanor

i won't be there for the last farewell and i hear you say 'well...' but tell me, will this world be able to see your smile, again?

i will always remember your smile, Eleanor

it is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen and it will never be seen again i am so sorry for this, Eleanor

this breaks my heart, Eleanor

you are so cruel because i need your smile but there's nothing i can do how ironic, Eleanor

think of me twice after you leave, Eleanor

twice is enough i can't want more, but if you give more, i will be glad Eleanor

where did you lose your smile, Eleanor?

asking this question, i prayed it wouldn't be the man you loved deeply but it was him, the place you lost your smile is his heart but what about my heart poor thing...

bye bye, Eleanor

there won't be any hugs but a kiss from far, far away and a bliss, hoped by me bye bye, Eleanor i will never forget your smile

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