Waiting for his end, hands tied
Waiting for his end, hands tied sad stories

asesari help the earth
Autoplay OFF   •   3 years ago
A little crying my heart out for him.
He is dying. I am watching.

16032018 update; He is gone.

Waiting for his end, hands tied

How are you supposed to act

When you know someone is dying

And there’s nothing you can do about it

Waiting for his end, hands tied.

Like being on a rollercoaster going up

and the only thing that will greet you on top is death

His death

Tears are never enough and

He will be gone

You’ll cry yourself out but

He will be gone

To the unknown

While you want him by your side

He will be gone

When you remember the memories

He will not be there to remember them with you

He will be gone

You will be alone

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