blue tears and a black heart
blue tears and a black heart blue stories

asesari help the earth
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this is a poem for a confused heart.<br/>i wish the best for it.

blue tears and a black heart

by asesari

my heart is black like a night full of clouds

my tears are blue how come they became blue

while everything about me is black

what do you do to me

can't say 'don't cry'

it isn't about me my tears are all for you

i guess this is the reason why they are blue

you make me blue every time you touch me

don't touch me i am happy without colours in my life

how come i loved you this much

i didn't want to do

there is no chance for us to have a beautiful tomorrow

but i hope your tomorrow is beautiful

without me because you hurt me without knowing me

you should be sorry but you can't

i shouldn't be crying but i am

with blue tears from my black heart

because of you

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