and a happy (?) new year...
and a happy (?) new year... imagine stories

asesari help the earth
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these are rebellious acts...

and a happy (?) new year...

by asesari

nobody knows why 2016 was a bad year

but in fact everybody knows why

people kept their silences while bombs were all around

people became blind when it came to a homeless child

people couldn't see the gap between the poor and the rich

all they were caring about was black friday not those black days refugee people live

there's no need to blame on 2016 because...

you, humanity yes, you you are the one needing to be criticized

there's no difference between

killing a child and watching it without doing anything raping a person and not caring about it

Jesus was born 2017 years ago, am i right?

then somebody please tell me, why do we still have the same issues those times had? why there isn't any progress when it comes to the human rights?

congratulations! you don't burn witches anymore

shame on you! you still burn people in the basements just because of their races

no, no no wish can make 2017 a better year

your attemps can make it a better year your uprising can create a better world

let's stop judging

let's read more let's think more

you know the first step is start to think and to read

because these are rebellious acts aganist to a regime that provides its power from your ignorance.

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