the list: 8 things i hate about you
the list: 8 things i hate about you love stories

asdf123 i need to write
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with a lovely quote at the end

the list: 8 things i hate about you

- i hate that you're the cutest girl i've ever seen

- i hate that you remind me of the sun and the warm summer days

- i hate all the songs you sent me

- i hate that your smile warms my heart everytime

- i hate that even tough i sometimes think that i got over you, you are still somewhere in the back of my head

- i hate that we don't talk anymore

- i hate that now, i'm one of those people you don't even care about

- i hate that i'll never get to see you again

- i hate that i still think about you everyday no matter how hard i try not to

"but mostly i hate the way i don't hate you, not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all"

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