Summer Night
Summer Night sky stories
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Summer Night

It is a warm summer night. The little girl is sitting in the room. There is a pencil in her left hand. She seems thoughtful.

She feels something inside her chest. She knows that something wants to get out.

She doesn't know what -not quite yet. But she will figure it out soon.

When she does, once she expresses herself -not in an obvious way, no, that would be too easy. Not everyone should be able to understand how she feels. Only the ones that care enough to understand - once she learns how to make something good out of her insecurities, she will feel as if she is flying

and she sure will learn.

She will learn to turn those times that she felt like the world was crashing down into a feeling of joy.

She will feel the joy that stars feel when they shine on warm summer nights like this one

and she will feel the joy that birds feel when they fly on warm summer nights like this one

and she will recover.

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