Letting Her Go
Letting Her Go friendship stories

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Well it has been 3 days since I published this and today I've come across a real white flower and bought it!

Letting Her Go

I had a single white flower in a brown pot.

She smelled great.

I thought she smelled great.

She was everything to me.

We were together almost everyday of the week. She gave me joy and companionship.

She was amazing.

I thought she was amazing.

We had known each other for years when I first saw little insects in her pot.

I did not try to get rid of them, for they had become friends with my flower.

So, things changed. We started drifting apart.

I tried to stay as her friend. I reached out to her but she had already let me go.

She had changed her pure white color or maybe she had never been that white. I couldn't remember anymore.

She never needed me to water her anyway but it amazed me how fast she forgot about me.

Maybe I was just not enough. Maybe I should have been better.

But I have changed my colors, too.

I have grown

and this is me finally letting her go.

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