Collecting Stars
Collecting Stars hope stories

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Collecting Stars

Did you know that I collect stars in my chest?

They are so warm and so beautiful

and they make me feel full of hope.

Each star gives me a kiss before it goes into my chest.

Some of them even sing to me.

You want to know how I find them, right?

I pet a dog. Here is a little star!

I smell a rose. Here is another!

I see a child smile and I pick up the stars.

It rains. Have you ever looked at a tree when it's raining?

When that happens I see dozens of stars around them.

The trees shine perfectly with the stars and offer you a couple.

You just have to reach and take them.

I know what you are going to ask. Yes, I lose some of them now and then.

Sometimes because of other people. Other times they stop shining because of the dense darkness in me.

But that's okay.

Because I know this is why the sky belongs to everyone.

I know it is full of stars whether it's day or night

and it is breathtaking at all times.

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