A Wonderful Night
A Wonderful Night love stories
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A Wonderful Night

It was a very long time ago, maybe even before our universe came to being.

It was very very far away, where I stood.

There wasn't much to see. But I knew that it was night - a wonderful night.

The night I met you.

No, not you. Your soul.

It was pure, beautiful, irresistible.

We started talking, not with words -they did not exist back then- but with feelings and colors.

You had the most amazing colors. I had to remember them no matter what.

I knew I would.

That night we danced to the melody of stars and I drowned in the oceans of your eyes.

I saw our future in them

and now billions of years later I am glad we are finally here

and I am looking into your eyes again, this time seeing our past.

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