A Beautiful Monster Among Angels and Demons
A Beautiful Monster Among Angels and Demons demons stories
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A Beautiful Monster Among Angels and Demons

I scare the hell out of myself

I occasionally fuck things up and hurt people who are close to me

I get so stressed out at night that I turn into a monster

I fall down with exhaustion and fear

in those times I have an angel who picks me up with compassion

When I tell her that I am a monster she says "You're a beautiful one, you'll be fine."

I don't know if I believe her. Maybe sometimes.

But could what I believe change the reality?

Could it take my pain away?

I have another angel now, you see.

That's why I am scared even more.

Because I can't afford to hurt him. I can't afford to show him what I really am.

I am so scared that maybe I shouldn't have even taken the first step.

Maybe I should just turn my back and start running away

from my angels from my demons from my first love and from all of my fears

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