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Once upon a time, a lonely soul appeared on our planet.

She didn't know where she came from, nor where she was going.

She was a bit lost.

At first, she was like a goddess. Everything she wanted, everything she dreamed of she could make real.

But through all this, her loneliness remained.

She felt a feeling of hopelessness grow inside her chest as the years passed.

Still, everywhere she went she looked for something familiar.

Although she grew up and didn't feel like she was a goddess anymore and although she wanted to stop looking, she couldn't.

She would sometimes just pretend as if she met a soul that is good for her a soul that understands her.

But the endings would never change.

Without any exception, they would all fail her.

And then, one day she simply realized that every single soul felt the way she did just like every single star in the sky, every soul no matter how close they seem to one another was, in fact, alone.

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