Is your Content Optimised for Voice Search?
Is your Content Optimised for Voice Search? web design leeds stories

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Is your Content Optimised for Voice Search?

The way we search for information online is changing. To find information, people are using voice search on their smartphones, tables, voice assistants and other devices more and more

According to a Hitwise study, almost 60% of searches are now performed on a mobile device, and as more people use their devices to search,

they will most probably find that it is easier to do a voice search than typing.

Especially as voice recognition accuracy has now surpassed the threshold for human accuracy, so how you think about SEO will need to change.

A Brave New World for Search

Smartphones, tablets, voice assistants and other home devices that have virtual assistants like Sir, Alexa and Google Assistant are becoming more and more prevalent in our lives.

They’re making it easier than ever before for people to get information from their devices. This kind of interaction will is much more natural and uses a conversational tone.

You can now find out the weather, order products online, search for the latest breaking news, find a pizza place and so much more using only your voice.

You can even tell your Roomba to clean up your room with voice commands!

So how do you optimise for voice search? And how do you create a content and SEO strategy for this new way to search? Think about discussing it with your SEO Agency Leeds!

Unlike search keyword phrases that you search for using your PC, voice search is usually conducted in a natural, conversational tone.

So, voice search queries are typically longer than typical search queries.

Think about how you would ask a person for directions to the nearest coffee shop, or how you would ask a sales assistant for a product in your size.

This will give you an indication to the kind of phrasing people will use when using voice search.

What are People Searching for with Voice Search?

According to Internet Trends Report 2016, people use voice search for a many different reasons, but the overwhelming majority were searching for local content and information,

local businesses and agencies that have a focus on local SEO need to consider local voice search.

If you haven’t already, claim your Google My Business listing.

It’s the best way for Google to find information about your business and since most voice searches are local, having your Google My Business listing claimed and optimised,

you can increase the chances that a voice search will reveal your business to the user. Ask Digital Marketing Agency Leeds for help!

Don’t Just Speak, Have a Conversation

Keywords are no longer just keywords anymore. Keywords in a voice search are long-tail+.

The “plus” refers to conversational phrases that are necessary when optimising for conversational voice search.

Your strategy now must be conversational and needs to mimic how people talk and ask questions verbally.

Spend some time thinking about the types of questions you get when a customer contacts you by telephone to get information about your business and start to document the exact words

and phrases they use.

Once you have made a list of the kinds of questions your customers ask you, you can then focus your content creation that focus on these kinds of search terms.

It’s SEO, Re-Imagined

Voice search isn’t going anywhere and it’s about time that SEOs began optimising their sites for this new kind of search, or risk being left behind.

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