My Sunshine
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...Please don’t take my sunshine away.

My Sunshine

Time was seemingly stopped as he watched it happen. Unable to call out in time as she was suddenly attacked. The Attacker came from out of nowhere, sword in hand.

She turned in time for the blade to slash her abdomen. large gash opened as blood poured out of the wound. It was a deep cut. She turned her head to face her brother, face ghostly pale.

Then she collapsed.

From then it was a blur. he didn't remember anything except his sister's final moments in his arms.

He held her body in his arms. They were slick with blood from the gash in her stomach. His clothing slowly growing red. He felt numb as he cradled her, gently holding her head to his chest.

Tears poured down his face as he was barely processing what was happening.

He didn't notice the fight going on around him, the people yelling, clashing of weapons, all of he focus was on his beloved sister.

Lilith was dying. Bleeding out. In his arms.

The numbing pain in his chest intensified when he realized he couldn't do anything. Panicked he tried to heal her but it wasn't working which, in turn made him panic even more.

The way his magic worked was he could heal others but not himself, as his twin sister was from the same magic he was, she also couldn't be healed by it.

By this point he was whispering the Words 'no' and 'please' over and over again. The shock and panic making everything worse as tears blurred his vision.

He was sapped out of his state when he heard Lilith’s quite voice. It was just above a whisper. Her eyes were half lidded, tears rolling down her face. A small smile on her face.

"You are my sunshine. My only sunshine." She sung to him. No she wasn’t a good singer but that didn’t matter. It was the meaning behind the song that mattered.

At first he didn't understand. Why was she smiling? She was dying! What was she doing? singing? Why?

"You make me happy when skies are gray. You'll never know dear, how much I love you, please don't take my sunshine away.”

She continued to sing, her quiet voice being the only thing he could hear.

The song sounded so familiar. Then it clicked. This was the song he used to sing to her when they were kids. Whenever she was upset he'd sing this and it would cheer her up.

This confused him even more.

what was she was doing. She was dying and yet she was trying to make him happy. She was doing what he had done so long ago. A small smile grew on his face as he listened to her singing.

Tears were flowing down his face, barely controlled. The panic and pain of earlier were not forgotten just pushed aside so he could have one last moment with his sister.

Using her final breaths she altered the song. "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You made me happy when skies were gray. You'll never know brother, how much I love you..."

On the last verse of the song she stopped and looked him in the eyes as tears poured down her face. The smile still present as she breathed out her last words.

"I'm sorry they took your sunshine away..."

As her heart stopped her eyes fluttered to a close, her breathing gone. She went completely limp in his arms that were now stained in blood. A final tear rolled down her cheek.

The smile never left her lips.

"No. No, no, no, please, please, Lilith! Please wake up! Come on now...! Lilith please!" He cried as his voice broke. He sobbed hugging her close. Afraid of letting go.

The pain of earlier came back full force, lungs burned as he gasped for breaths in between the sobs. After what felt like years he managed to calm himself down.

His mind was quiet and his body was numb as his sobs quieted, Still he hugged Lilith. The positive aura he radiated flickered then extinguished, like a flame in the wind.

It was replaced with an aura of grief and pain.

They had stolen his sunshine.

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