It was the end of the year 2014...
It was the end of the year 2014... storytelling stories

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It was the end of the year 2014...

It was the end of the year 2014, When I realized I will be leaving all of my friends, my school memories, my crush (meanwhile .... continuous blushes and sizzling vibrations inside me), all of my crazy fantasies (well I had my fantasies) and my reserved, introvert, and blah blah blah nature.....

But, as usual, I focused on my exams and forgot all. And continued the studies and as a result, I had to cut off the world from me for two years!! .....

But, was that really good decision ... At that time I was like this is going to be fantastic I will be going to my dream college yeah yeah !!!! But, wait ...

Was it worth it? No, well partially yes. Yeah, I got the college but not my desired subject. Don't be sad for me no. I deserved it, my marks were low as my rank, the rank that decided my potential, my future in just six hrs. I can bear it, I am strong!!

Well, I don't know about the year before or a year before that, but today I always feel every sec... that if I would have not taken that decision how would be my life... I always imagine it...

All of my friends, me sitting on a couch discussing the salty peppered life of ours and all together wishing to never get away and yeah joking about me and me laughing on that jokes ..... living my simple introvert life. Oh, I just realized I watch too much series, thanks F.R.I.E.N.D.S to fantasize my life : ) If you don't got that one I am sorry you.

But, unfortunately, it's the impossible thing in the world that can happen to me now or even in past or future, I think... But think, my friends would be living that fantasy somewhere with some of their other friends but that's ok, It doesn't bother me...

But still was it worth it? I still don't know how to come to the conclusion. Well, I still have two years of college left to think about the answers. I still have two years before I again leave all my friends, my memories, my fantasies, my fears.

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