A Letter to future self
A Letter to future self letter stories

aryu Community member
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A letter to your future self.. it's my version, what's yours ?

A Letter to future self


You little piece of shit. You were awesome.

Do you really love your pathetic routine life?

Do you ?

While you think of an answer let me tell story of the time when you were searching for the perfect love of your life,

the perfect dinner with your family and the day when you and your friends had a little night out and remember the time you finally got the guts to ask the girl you always loved since school

and well you know how it goes. But hey most important don't forget about the part of your life when you got the job of your dream.

You were so awesome say hello to your old self.

So do you got your answer I hope you get it.

Your one and only

Younger and smarter version of yourself

Well take care

Good day.

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