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Angry and struggling to forgive 4 people that changed my life.


I don’t remember fully not sure that I want to all the things that happened between me and you

I know it made me hate myself I know it made me cry I know I still can’t forgive you all though I’ve been told to try

supposedly forgiveness is more about me than you it’s letting go and moving on i know it’s what I should do

but the thing I can’t get over what keeps me up at night is knowing that you’ve never paused to evaluate your life

do you care about the damage? the mess that you left in your wake? do you wonder how I am? or the feelings I can’t shake?


Dad’s long gone, left on a whim Scott is traveling the world Dan just got that promotion Sean’s married a lovely girl

you’re all fine you’ve all moved on and living your happy lie time’s elapsed but I’m still stuck unsure of the reason why

maybe it’s the image of your picture perfect life that keeps me in this space still feeling the searing of your knife

the things you’ve all put me through are more than some could take the hateful words, all the abuse and of course the rape

although you’ve left me weakened I’ve struggled and I’ve fought to beat the odds and survive the storm that you have brought

but since I can’t accept apologies I’ll never hear I find comfort in the knowledge that it’s Karma’s face you’ll someday fear

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