wake of the end
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aryelee trust in the stars // semi-hiatus
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in the final hours before the flood, we learn to love each other.

wake of the end

this is the last sunset humanity will ever witness, it is because of that we weep at the glow and wonder why we never loved it before.

in these last reckless moments, we indulge in our sweetest wishes, let our mouths become bloody on the tenderness of others.

like stars, we seek each other out, outstretched hands meeting in new supernovas-- in our end is our beginning:

Oroubouros, the snake in endless agony, we follow in its wake love is giving, is consumption.

the newscaster cries on live TV two hours before the station shuts down forever. "Whoever you are," they say, "I love you. Please don't be afraid."

they don't show the weather because we all know what's coming: heavy storm clouds appear in the night, stretch the darkness out into eternity.

it's not all bad, not all petrifying. I find you in the wreckage of humanity; the comfort of your arms is sweeter than the waters Lethe.

with our doom hanging overhead, humanity finds its greatest joy: each other.

and isn't that something? to look death in the eyes in our last moments and say

"You made me learn happiness. You made me love more than I thought possible."

what is temporary is irreplaceable. it's why we hold onto each other as drowning, desperate things.

we're all just victims of another flood myth-- clinging to the raft with bloodied fingers clinging to another with bloodied lips

the worst part is that we did this to ourselves. only in the end can we see what could have been the joys we could have held

and you tell me that time together is sweeter no matter the circumstance, that the end of the world is the beginning of another.

what comes after this? another world, babe, another us. what else?

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