those dying embers

            those dying embers romance stories
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aryelee trust in the stars // semi-hiatus
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this love is a forest fire: fast and merciless

those dying embers

our hearts were two matchsticks joined at the tip

silent potential left in a waiting game

to see who would set the spark that sent us up in flames.

its goes like this:

your fingers brushing over the back of my hand

sharing dresses and sneaking glances as we changed

staring just a little too long in the space between words

two hearts beating louder than roaring wildfires

you set a fire inside my soul

with the sharp edges of your jaw

more storm than girl with lightning in your words

how could i have resisted?

i was a girl waiting to be burned and you were my favorite lighter

we loved fast and hard and without care

leaving bruises behind kisses

and red lipstick stains on soft skin

our love burned bright and fast

so fast too fast

and we forgot that fires burn out;

all we have left are dying embers making ash from our hearts

wonder when we lost control of our fire

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