this love of mine

                this love of mine writing stories

aryelee trust in the stars // semi-hiatus
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it starts slowly, this love of mine

(how the world creates authors/how the world created me)

this love of mine

it starts slowly, this love of mine

it starts when i'm young and my mother reads story

after story after story

until i'm dreaming fairy tales and ladybugs and stars

it starts when i pick up a book on my own for the first time

flip through the pages, tracing a finger on the pictures

slowly reading the words

it grows and it grows and i grow

until i'm reading chapter books with ease before third grade

it starts when i read a story and think

"what would i have done?"

it starts with an idea that wraps itself around me

like silk, like cotton, like wool

and i put words onto paper for the first time and think

" o h "

"oh, this is fun"

it starts slowly, this love of mine

giving name to my passion after years of reaching out to stories

devouring every book that met my hand

until i'm burying ideas under words until they blossom into stories

it starts with a book, and a heart full of love

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