the unlove story
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aryelee trust in the stars // semi-hiatus
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there's a certain kind of healing that comes from letting go of this love

the unlove story


there are still days when I see a shadow flicker by and want to call out your name.

these days are getting shorter.

say what you will, you can't deny that i survived the beast in you (in me) and came out snarling.

I was made to outlive ghosts.


cherry red lips. tangled hair and warm fingers. pushing your skirt up your thighs. feeling your hands trail against my jaw.

i want to spit curses but you bring prayer to my lips.

what girl could resist a goddess? what girl could kill a monster?


you are not one to let prey escape so easily; the bear-trap around my leg is made in the shape of your mouth.

all you ever wanted was for me to bleed -- sacrifice, you called it.

maybe even love.

I wrap barbed wire around my neck just so you can't reach for it. I lock my heart behind iron bars just so you can't tear at it.

even medusa can't destroy her statues; whatever you made of me, it is indestructible.


if saying "I love you" was easy, the words would be pouring from my lips like spilled wine.

as it is, I've glued my mouth shut as an excuse for the silence.


I give away my body to find a replacement for your warmth; no one has a sweeter laugh than you.

I have gotten drunk off of your kisses before.

Now every girl I see offers up their ichor but it never tastes right.

You linger in the edges of my mind, whispering promises to bring me back to the body you call "home" and I want to follow.

I will shed my skin and find another hollow to exist in.


you want me to belong to my broken heart; I will be its destroyer instead.

there is a strength in breaking, a certain kind of love I had to learn for myself.

I will rebuild myself out of gold and shine brightly enough that your shadow disappears.

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