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aryelee trust in the stars // semi-hiatus
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this is how i fell for you,

love evolution

I. we were princesses and knights and dragons;

we held the world in our palms,

and when we got tired of it, we made another.

the big bang starts with us:

bright eyes meeting - supernova

hands clasping - creation of life

cheek-aching laughter - light.

we were so young when we had everything;

but we got older together

and the universe narrowed down

to me and you.

II. (or maybe nothing changed at all;

the two of us together, always.

together for a decade - that's the same as forever,


III. our stories changed as we grew,

from adventure as young children to romance as young adults;

we still chase fireflies together

but now we whisper secrets to them instead of wishes.

you always ask what I tell the fireflies:

how we share clothes, I think, and can't stop staring at

how my dresses flow over the curve of your body,

how you braid my hair when you're bored, I think,

and all I want is to press kisses to your fingers.

y o u, I think, always you.

that's what best friends do, right?

IV. (a sleepover before graduation:

I wake up with your arms around me,

sunlight painting gold on your skin,

soft breaths fan over my cheek -

two girls who can't imagine life without the other.

I don't move even when hunger claws at my stomach;

you sleep on and I feel s o m e t h i n g in the universe

shift - change - e v o l v e

and I can't look away from your lips.)

V. your smile, the joy in your eyes when you see me -

my breath is knocked out of my body,

heartbeat almost painful against the inside of my ribs.

it's cloudy but you still shine.

kiss her, my heart whispers

but all I do is smile back.

VI. O h , I think.

oh no.

VII. (children to teenagers,

princesses to dragons to knights;

friend to best friend to first love.

firefly secrets whisper wants to the universe;

we made this galaxy just for us.)

VIII. I love you.

we remake the world:

you love me too.

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