in my ribcage, a bird
in my ribcage, a bird wlw stories

aryelee trust in the stars // semi-hiatus
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our love, carried on the wings of birds

in my ribcage, a bird

come the songbirds of dawn, in all their lovely glory

whistling in the morning with the rising sun

reflected in your sleep-dull eyes.

when you whisper to me:

cold, stealing away of the soft of your voice -

hands sliding across sheets to brush against my skin -

music on your tongue as you sing me awake.

come the bright robins of the afternoon, darting between the branches

that hang over our heads in our little picnic,

legs tangled together under soft dresses and warm hands.

they twirl and spin and dance above us;

so you pull me up with laughter in your eyes,

bare feet on grass, hand in hand with one another.

you dance, drawing me close -

two girls with wings, an angel and a small sparrow.

come the owls of night, trilling their lullaby

under the gentle light of the moon, the stars, the universe

setting the world to sleep as the wings of the owls

spread wide to protect you from nightmares.

your wings curl around me -

soft and comforting, a steady anchor to keep me from drifting away -

you press a kiss to my shoulder and

i feel in my heart the vast majesty of the night sky.

come the dove, dressed in gentle white and graceful movements,

singing and dancing and loving

the flightless girl who's never known life outside a cage.

nothing in this world ties down your wings;

beautiful, light wings that catch and carry the wind,

ethereal and forever out of my reach.

still, you stay by my side day by day

teach me love and how to be loved,

even when i don't deserve it

especially when i don't deserve it.

when you kiss me,

i know, finally, what it feels like to fly.

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