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aryelee trust in the stars // semi-hiatus
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ten little bits of life that shape who we are.


1. when i woke up, half my room was frozen. a cat curled up under the covers with me as we both shivered. it's not my cat. i forgot to close the window.

2. you lived off of coffee. i stuck with orange juice. we tried mixing it once, while drunk at 3AM. we didn't do it again.

3. i always picked dandelions when i was younger. i'd blow the fluff and wish for sun or rain or clouds. now, i wish for more time. now, i wish for you.

4. believe it or not, i was scared of bees when i was young. but i learned more about them as i grew up. now, i'm the one who calms everyone down when a bee flies by.

5. i broke my finger fighting once. slammed it into the concrete when i threw down a guy twice my weight. seeing his friends run made it worth it.

6. my mother doesn't like mochi. or rice unless it's warm. still, she buys it for me during new years. always asks how i can eat it. and she says i'm picky.

7. the play was amazing. my brother was the lead, of course. it was funny and tense and happy. i haven't seen my brother smile so much in months. i wonder how much of it was real.

8. by age thirteen, i had written eight stories. i started when i was ten. naturally, none of them were good. i'm still proud of them though, with their bad plots and typos.

9. i can't swim well. and i love forests and trees more than anything else. still, the beach has a sort of charm to it. it's what kept my family on that island all these years. it's what draws us back together.

10. these days, i cry easily when alone. when i was younger and hated the world, i never cried. not to others, not by myself. my heart hurts less now. i'm glad i've learned better.

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