flowers grow from the soul

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aryelee trust in the stars // semi-hiatus
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i am deserving of my own love and will grow into my own happiness.

aka: i'm proud of myself and also i love my friends

flowers grow from the soul

though there is much in life i long for

i am not incomplete i am whole and beautiful and i have so much love to give.

there is so much light when i open my eyes in the morning;

what once blinded me now helps me glow more radiantly than the summer sun.

so many have left me over the years for better things

they are on they're own journey to grow just as i am, and though it hurt, losing them helped me find myself.

i am still building myself into the person i want to be--

kind and honest and soft, four leaf clovers and gentle hands, a joy in seeing blue skies and rain, planting flowers to know my hands can create beauty.

i have so many years ahead of me;

my growth will reach the stars until i can light the path to happiness for all those who have helped me live.

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