five stages of grief
five stages of grief acceptance stories
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aryelee trust in the stars // semi-hiatus
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the five stages of grief

(this comes after you die)

five stages of grief

1. denial

i still catch sight of your shadow

darting around hallway corners and past streetlights

the song you loved enough to play nonstop for days

came on the radio and i swore i could hear you singing along

you're buried six feet under

but you're still here

2. anger

there's a hole in me, right between my fourth and fifth rib

that disappeared with you, disappeared from me

it should have been me that died

but you saved me and i hate you for it

it should have been me

3. bargaining

those that died unfair deaths,

who still had unfinished business,

linger after death. you told me this.

you haven't reached your goals or lived your life to the fullest;

shouldn't you be back?

can't you haunt me a little longer and tell me about what you dream?

won't you come back?

4. depression

they packed up your bedroom.

cleaned it out. emptied it.

every trace of you was thrown out with the blankets you made

pillows you hugged to your chest while sick

books you read when you wanted to escape

everything's gone.

you're gone.

5. acceptance

we wrote letters to our future selves when we were young.

they just came in the mail.

you'll never get yours, but i got them.

you never told me you wrote to me as well.

we were so young and innocent back then, with no knowledge of pain and suffering the future brings

you asked me to live a long life.

be healthy, be happy

that even if we're no longer friends, you wish me the best.

you're gone. you'll never come back.

but i'll keep you close to my heart and live to make you proud.

it's all i can do for you now.

you're dead, but that's okay.

i'm okay.

i'm alive.

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