falling (out of love)
falling (out of love) dark stories

aryelee trust in the stars // semi-hiatus
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you called yourself a hero; find another princess, i've already saved myself from you
there's a lot of blood in this one jsyk

falling (out of love)

there are bruises on my ribs in the shape of your fingers

leaving crumbling fractures on my bones, my lungs, my heart;

you always tasted like blood when we kissed

i could never tell if it was yours or if it was mine.

i've been leaving roses in half-empty whiskey bottles,

a tribute to your destruction -

watching gods fall like stars hurts but the sight is worth the pain,

the world catching in celestial fire and breathing in the ashes of stardust.

i watched, i waited, i burned down rome because it held your name.

the hero falls the hardest -

watch achilles, herucles, jason -

i won't fall in sparks or flames from glorious tragedy;

no, i'll fall with the star bust of a merciless sun

and burn away all traces of our legendary love.

part of me still looks back for that lingering glance you always gave me

another part wants me to blind my eyes and suffocate myself -

hands, rope, or with the clothes you forgot in the back of my closet,

it doesn't matter so long as it hurts.

this time i won't hesitate in my steady step;

there's a heaven beyond the reach of your chains -

find another andromeda, i've already saved myself.

love will hurt, but i can hurt you more;

hero or monster doesn't matter when you love a god who is both.

even love won't stop me from burning on my own;

this fire you won't put out.

this fire will leave a shining trail in the sky as i fall.

this fire with burn out all the traces you left on me.

come now, didn't you like seeing me hurt?

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