Chara: Shadows of Mischief Part 2
Chara: Shadows of Mischief Part 2 dnd stories

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Chara, now without her best friend and partner in crime, will be presented with a major decision. Will she let Aliki rule alone, or will she try to take back what she feels is rightfully hers?

Chara: Shadows of Mischief Part 2

Over the next two years Chara was forced to become more and more distant from her sister. Aliki would do everything in her power to avoid Chara.

Getting a separate teacher, making sure to never be alone, and even requesting a second dining be built so she may eat alone.

In those three years Aliki never even said a single word to her, treating her like a discarded imaginary friend. This abuse hurt Chara way more than she would like to admit.

For the longest time she fell victim to her own self hatred. There were many sleepless nights from nightmares, and a resentment for her entire family that rapidly grew deeper and deeper.

When she wasn't in class, or combat training, she would conceal herself in her room, counting the seconds, of observing the townsfolk as they went about their lives outside the castle wall.

She yearned for that type of freedom, and she found herself planning ways to visit and explore.

After a while Chara became bored of the same daily routine and started honing in on her shadow magic. Sneaking from her room to hide things in the dead of night.

Loosening floorboards in attempts to trip up kitchen staff. Frequently causing shrieks from her mother and sister as their next meal became their new outfit.

She even found a way to sneak into town, spreading chaos along the way.

She could use her magic to scare horses into knocking down food carts, from the shadows she would paint provocative images on statues at the church, rearranging the letters on signs,

and even setting up innocent people for robbery. She was never caught, and never suspected, for she was a Noble, and Nobles would never behave such a way.

A year and a half after her first town visit alone, she was the queen of her own world.

She was no longer the one being ignored, instead she was ignoring everyone else, living for her own life and ignoring her sister's betrayal.

She no longer cared for her, almost forgetting she existed all together. That is, until her mother called on the twins the morning of their 25th birthday.

"One year" Taranika said with a smile "In one year you will finally take your position among the throne.

I am announcing my relinquishment of Queenship at tonight's gathering, and the process will officially begin."

"Yes mother" The two girls said in tandem

What Taranika said next sent Chara's heart fluttering for what felt like the first time in years.

"You have both made me so very proud. Soon the entire kingdom will be as well. Once they see the hard work you two have put in for them...

You Aliki, Queen of Akros" she choked on her words, tears filling her eyes "And you Chara, the Queen's guardian. You two will be the most powerful team of rulers we ha_"

"No." Aliki said, a familiar confusion filling the room.

"What do you mean, no?" They said in unison.

"Chara will not be my protector. I have worked too hard, and have become too important to be protected by the likes of her. She is too irresponsible." Aliki said coldly.

Their mother began to speak again but was quickly cut off by Aliki "I don't care mother, it isn't happening.

You can try all you want, even order her to begin now, but the day I become queen, she WILL be replaced"

As her sister left the room, Chara began having flashbacks of that same day, 3 years ago. The pain she felt from hearing her family speak to her so poorly.

Her face turned warm where her mother had hit her. Then, the tears began to fall. Her mother tried to speak once more but was cut off by Chara this time "I will be the new Queen.

" she said calmly tears welling in her eyes "I'm going to make you regret choosing her over me. Within the next year, I WILL get your approval, and I WILL be chosen instead of her.

Or I will just have to take it from her myself."

With those words the room went quiet, actually everything went quiet. She noticed that even the morning birds were no longer chirping. it was almost as if time stopped for all but her.

Her vision became foggy and a searing pain shot through her temples. Then, in the silence one word popped into her head. Almost like someone was speaking directly into her brain.

The voice simply said "RUN!"

Time started back up, the pain left and her vision went back to normal. Her mother slowly approached her, a look of worry on her face. With only a split second to think she darted from the room.

Sprinting through the shadows she flew by her sister, tripping her as she passed. Aliki screamed after her, probably furious, but Chara decided not to swaddle and kept moving.

Getting to her room Chara began collecting anything she deemed important for her survival. Her certificate of pedigree, signet ring, and change of clothes.

She also grabbed a forgery kit, a letter signed by her mother, and the last note signed by Aliki.

Lastly she grabbed some food, and the allowance she had saved, her bow staff, and a small crossbow.

From there she sprinted to the stables and grabbed the war horse they were given as children and fled the castle before anyone could even tell she had left.

She had to do something to bring pride to her name... Something to give her a boost over her sister. If not, then she planned to take it with Aliki's blood on her hands.

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