Chara: Shadows of Mischief Part 1
Chara: Shadows of Mischief Part 1 dnd stories

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One warm summer night, a full moon rose above the city of Akros, and the sounds of childbirth filled the air. A pair of Satyr children were being born, Chara and Aliki, the next two in line to potentially rule the kingdom. Four minutes into the new day was all it took, and then there was silence.

Chara: Shadows of Mischief Part 1

One warm summer night, a full moon rose above the city of Akros, and the sounds of childbirth filled the air.

A pair of Satyr children were being born, Chara and Aliki, the next two in line to potentially rule the kingdom. Four minutes into the new day was all it took, and then there was silence.

A silence that surprised everyone but their mother, Taranika, as they merely smiled up at her from her arms. Some say it was due to the full moon that night, others find it a mere coincidence.

But, this is how their mother hoped and prayed for it to happen.

Her visions showed turmoil and anguish surrounding them as they grew, giving them a moment of peace was all she could ask for given the circumstances.

Despite being nobility, the two children lived pretty docile lives. They went to school, played, and acted like normal children, their social status never getting in the way of making friends.

The two were completely inseparable, doing everything together. They were almost identical with everything, including the way they talked and acted among the people.

They only ate the same foods, had the same friends, did chores together and slept in the same bed well into their teenage years.

Their mother did her best to keep talks of their future responsibilities to a minimum, but due to some sneaky antics,

the two overheard her discussing the ideas of etiquette training to prepare for leadership roles, and the rest was history.

The two cemented in the idea that one day they would be called upon, and be asked to rule the kingdom of Akros together.

They were determined to be the greatest pair of rulers to sit upon the throne. Sadly, this is where their easy, happy life together began falling apart.

During their late teen years turmoil struck the kingdom of Akros. The King was dead and his wife, while nowhere to be found, was assumed dead as well.

Because they never had any children the next in line to take the throne was the king's niece, the mother of Chara and Aliki. Immediately the children were put under strict protection.

Never allowed to leave the castle walls alone, or without armed guards. They were forced to continue their studies from home, and began studying the art of Sorcery.

It was at that time the two teens began to see the world differently. Chara believed the best path of Sorcerous Origin was with Shadow Magic.

The twins valued the art of being sneaky, and deception. But, when Chara announced this, Aliki was completely against the idea, stating that would lead to a path of hatred and greed.

Aliki vowed to take advantage of their Psychic abilities and went down the path of Psionic Origins, leaving Chara on her own.

With pain in her heart, Chara respected her sister's decision and life continued as normal, and things were "normal" for about the next 5 years or so, until the day of their 22nd birthday.

That morning their mother called them to her quarters. She had important things to discuss with the twins.

Their future would be approaching quickly, changing their lives in so many ways, and she believed they were finally old enough to hear how that would happen.

Taranika began explaining her plans to step down as Queen. That in 5 years, their real lives would begin. Surprisingly to her, the twins seemed to take the news rather well, Chara specifically.

"You hear that Aliki?!" A high pitched squeal escaped Chara's lips "We will finally get to be Queens together, like we always planned!"

An awkward silence overtook the mood. Like when you run into a childhood friend, only to forget their name. Looking at their mother they were met with a cold, almost impatient look.

"You... You won't be ruling with Aliki by your side." Taranika explained

Confusion filled her mind. Suddenly it was very hard to stand, Chara attempting to steady herself on her sister is met only with air, tumbling to the ground.

Lifting her head up "What do you mean?" Chara asked in a shaky voice "Aliki and I have been planning this for years. I don't want to take the throne without her."

Letting out a sigh Taranika starts "Chara, I'm sorry but only one of you will be chosen for this role. From there on out they will bear the next heir and so on.

" Knowing where this is going she began speaking in an authoritative tone "And Aliki has already been chosen to be that person"

Chara now visibly shaking "Bu..But we had a plan. Aliki would nev_"

Aliki sliced her hand through the air, the words catching in her sister's throat. "I accept this decision" and with an empty look on her face, she exited the room.

As her tears fell to the floor Chara struggled to find her words. "How... How could you do this?" She yelled to her mother "How could you pit us against each other li_"


This was the first time her mother had ever struck her. Growing up when they got in trouble, their mother was very well tempered, and never even threatened to strike them.

This made it hurt that much more.

"Listen young lady" Taranika said calmly "You do NOT get to question my decision making. I am still your Queen, and this is what's been decided."

Chara made an attempt to speak but was met with a second smack. "She has more drive, and motivation than you do. She also has more respect for her self image.

Shadow magic? What were you thinking?"

Her mother's words felt like a kick to the stomach. Gasping each word she began "Th_ This... Th.. wa... Sha_Shadow Or_"


Being struck a third time seemed to drive the point home. She was no longer one with her sister, and she would be forced to accept this.

Her mother yelled at her for the first time in years "Your JOB will be to protect your sister until your dying breath. With the skills you have gained, this is what you are best suited for.

" She motioned to the door "Get out of my sight. You may be in a pitiful state now, but come morning I expect you to act like the Noble daughter I raised."

Chara stood up, her knees shaking, and attempted to walk to her room. She made it about half way before collapsing against a wall, tears streaming from her face.

She couldn't go to her room right now, she couldn't bear the thought of seeing her sister's emotionless expression again.

By the time she made it to her room, the moon was high and the city asleep. Chara knocked but was met with silence. Opening the door she found it completely empty of her sister.

A pillow and blanket lay on the floor along with her clothes, belongings, and a note on top that read "You will have your room furnished in the morning. Don't be late for school.

Happy Birthday -Aliki" Clutching the note to her chest, she cried herself to sleep.

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