Longing For Snow On A December's Night
Longing For Snow On A December's Night christmas stories

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Living in Southern India, I have never been able to revel in snowy winters. Here is my unending longing for snow....

Longing For Snow On A December's Night

I've never walked by the woods on a snowy evening,

Never have the snow-covered paths ever held my footprints.

Oh how much I desire to see the snowflakes floating by,

And how I crave to taste one on my outstretched tongue.

I've never built a snowman or had a snowball fight,

I never knew the arrival of Christmas from the chill of the night.

Oh! how I long to see a blade of grass enveloped in crisp frost,

That melts on the softest of touch to reveal the lush it veiled.

I wish to sit by the crackling fire at home,

In my warmest clothes,

Reading another account of a snowy night by another man of words,

Sipping a spoonful of hot soup,

My face, all red and smooth.

I have but known these snowy days,

Through the eyes and ears of the masters of verses,

And would they cease to hail the mist and snow!

Oh how I wish to revel in the fun and frolic,

Beauty and wonders of the cold.

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