The Graveyard.
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The Graveyard is much more than what you thought it is.

The Graveyard.

Graveyards are meant for the dead, some forgotten, while some, on the history textbooks,

we read today, while some with scowls that demanded a better and forgiving life.

They leave behind old cassettes of unfulfilled dreams of soaring altitudes.

But, happily put to sleep by the ultimate truth of this universe.

Gone with the ticking of the clock.

Graveyard is a place for the dead, the deceased.

But, what really does happen when living breathing,

people aspirations and hopes fall into pits of agony and the life,

inside them dies, constantly working in a cycle of absurd atrocities, dilemmas.

Some of them go through this while some fall into the darkness, building a graveyard,

Inside themselves, leaving them hurting and wanting more than ever.

Lives get destroyed, the body breaks apart, the soul raided.

It cries for help, but only finds itself,

underneath oceans and seas.

Graveyards are meant for the dead, for the ones that lived enough, for the departed.

And, yet many of us build it within us, after everything,

Because we cannot see, life shatters,

It is all darkness,

that prevails.

The echoes murmur within us, we try but it burns to hold on,

to one last feeling of excitement.

The graveyards maintain their rules too, feigning death.

But the rules, are broken by ancient heroes, there are some,

The infernos that guide us out, just when it seems, that it's all gone.

We call it,

"The Brain."

- Arunav

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