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Peter deals with nightmares and passing out and panic attacks.

Nightmare A Marvel One-Shot

Peter bolted upright, the nightmare was fresh in his mind. Would Tony ever take away the suit? Peter stood up and walked down the hall to Tony Stark's room.

He raised his hand to knock, then hesitated. Summoning his courage Peter knocked on the billionaires door. Immediately it was opened by Tony. "Hi, Mr. Stark. Umm... Would you ever take away the suit?" Tony looked at Peter, confused.

"Why would I do that kid? You need that to live . I want you to live. No, I am not going to take away the suit." Peter sagged against the door frame in relief. I "Thanks Mr. Stark." Tony nodded, "Is that it underoos?"

Peter nodded, " Yeah, yeah it is" He turned to go and felt his mentor's hand on his shoulder. "Did you have a nightmare?" He questioned the teen. "Yeah" "Here come on in." Tony waved the boy inside his room and shut the door.

"I get them too. I know how it feels. Just know that you can talk to me about it anytime. Ok kid?" "Yeah," Peter nodded, his head down. The billionaire lifted Peter's chin with his hand. "Ok kid?"

"Yes." Peter responded looking straight at Tony. >>>>>>>>>>>•<<<<<<<<<<< The next morning Peter woke up and got ready for school. He was about to go get breakfast when he suddenly got dizzy. "M-mr. Stark?" The last thing he saw was Tony Starks face looming above him.

Peter woke up with a headache. He looked the small room he was in and realized he was in the hospital that Tony had built into the compound. "Hey Peter." He turned, startled, he hadn't seen anyone else in the room. "Hi Pepper." He said, grinning.

"How are you feeling?" She asked. "Not great" Peter admitted. "Can you get Tony?" "Yeah, of course." She said. >>>>>>>>>>>>•<<<<<<<<<< Tony must have been nearby because he came very quickly. In less than five minutes, he was sitting in the room, waiting.

"Hey, so, um Mr. Stark, you know you said that I could talk to you about those nightmares? Well... Ihadanotheranditwasscaryandnowidontknowhowifeelaboutbeingspiderman." He blurted. "You aren't going to let a stupid dream stop you from what you love are you?" Tony asked him.

Peter explained his nightmare about the concrete crushing him and how he can still feel it sometimes. Tony reassured him that, in his new suit, that would never happen. He also pointed out that Peter was a lot stronger. "Okay, your right. Now, can I get out of this room?" Peter asked .

"Yeah kid. Keep being Spiderman." "I will."

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